Nutrition Meets Food Science

Plant Proteins- An Overview

Recently, the health industry’s focus has now somewhat shifted from the nutrients to the source of the nutrients. For example, a diet high in plant proteins is considered healthier than a generally high protein diet. Let us find out the science...

Designing Healthy Plant-based Foods

More recently, consumers are looking for plant-based food products. Health professionals have been saying that people are eating too much of meat and animal based foods. This is especially the case in the western society, but this trend is becoming...

Zinc, a Healthy Choice for Sustainable Living

Zinc, a mineral which goes right up with vitamin C, E and selenium is proven to have number of benefits on health. Let’s be honest, we come across this name many times but hardly we had given any thought on this trace mineral. For your...

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Snack for thought

Be it a road trip, movie date, trek or a regular day at school or work, snacks are something everyone looks forward to. Snacks are a conversation starter, bonding opportunity, brain fuel, a treat for good work and even...

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Food- More than an essential need.

Food – More than an essential need.

Food is one of the basic necessities of humans, and it stands first among all basic needs – food, shelter, and clothing. It is important as it nourishes the human body- sustaining the very existences of humans...

Insulin Resistance - Nutrition Meets Food Science 2

Insulin Resistance

India does have second largest population with type 2 diabetes in the world. One of the main drivers to Type 2 diabetes is insulin resistance. In this article, we shall discuss this problem in detail. When we eat food...

Nutrition Meets Food Science - Aseptic Processing 8


What is Aseptic Processing?  Aseptic Processing is sterilizing a product and filling it in and sealing the sterile container in a sterile environment so that microbes do not enter the product. When the product is...

Carbohydrates- Our source of energy 1 - Nutrition Meets Food Science

Carbohydrates – Our Source of Energy

All of us require energy for daily activities. This energy comes from nutrients in the foods we eat. Carbohydrates are the major source of energy our body utilizes for various activities. They consist of carbon –...

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