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Exotic Egg Recipes from Delicious Khajana of Indian Cuisine

An egg is that ingredient which is most versatile, with this single ingredient you can prepare many kinds of dishes. The most important part of egg is that it is packed with protein, fat-soluble vitamins, minerals and is great to enjoy anytime. It also helps to strengthen your immunity, build muscle mass, kick start metabolism, and prevent weight gain (Only if you avoid yolk). In a recent study it was observed that people who ate high-protein breakfasts were able to control mid-meal hunger pangs and consumed fewer calories during lunch (The amount of protein consumed also plays an important role in maintaining and satisfying your appetite). This is the reason you must have 4-5 eggs per week, but eating and cooking the same dishes can become boring, right? So, why not try something different – like some of the best egg recipes? And why to eat eggs for only breakfast? Why not for dinner and lunch instead?

Here are some easy and simple egg recipes that will fill your tummy and satiate your soul.

Note – Avoid eating the yolk if your cholesterol levels are on the higher side.

Egg Halwa – Egg halwa, what seriously? You must have heard about gajar halwa, badam halwa but what is this egg halwa? Egg halwa sounds really very different but as I mentioned before there are many different types of egg dishes. Eggs are the part of healthy breakfast for the family in every part of the world. Eggs are as nutritious as they are delicious, making them one of the most common household food items. In India, eggs are used mostly in curries or to make omelettes and scrambled eggs, but the use of egg for making sweet dessert is limited to Cakes and Bakery. Unlike so many other halwas, where you must slow cook for hours, this one is quick. Egg Halwa is the technical Indian dessert, enriched with saffron and other dry fruits. To make a perfect Egg halwa, you need to beat the eggs very nicely preferably with a blender till they form beautiful clouds of foam.

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Egg Methi Malai Curry – You will be in food heaven after having this recipe. This is an eggy take on a classic North Indian curry Methi Matar Malai. It is a rich & creamy curry packed with the goodness of greens and eggs. Eggs are cooked with dried fenugreek leaves (kasoori methi) in a creamy and flavourful gravy. A perfect amalgamation of creamy, sweet, and bitter flavours.

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Egg Vindaloo – Egg Vindaloo is a Goan recipe, cooked with boiled eggs and flavored with spices and vinegar. The fine balance of flavours – spicy, slightly sweet & tangy will tantalize your tastebuds. It is a perfect egg curry that goes very well with rice or chapatis.

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Bengali Dimer Devil – This recipe is an integral part of the Bengali’s food culture. Every one of us have our own favourite types of bhaaja (In Bengali)/ bhajiya or pakodi (in other language) that we want with our lunch of dal-bhaat or the evening chai. Bengali dimer is one of the most popular street foods available in Kolkata, the ‘dimer devil’ actually means ‘the egg’s devil’ that it is the spicier and Bengali version of the devilled eggs. This version of the devilled eggs sees the hard-boiled halves coated in a mixture of potato, cottage cheese or meat. The coated egg is then dipped in a batter of whipped eggs or gram flour, rolled in breadcrumbs, and deep-fried till golden brown.

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Egg Drop Noodle Soup – Egg Drop Noodle Soup is a healthy Chinese broth based soup made with eggs, Noodles, chicken broth, corn starch, and green onions. If you want a healthy, warm, easy soup, this recipe is for you and only takes 10 minutes. So, relish this healthful, sustaining Asian egg recipe for any meal- lunch or dinner.

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Egg Chaat – Talking about healthy and nutritious how can one forget to make egg chaat. There is no doubt that all of us love roadside aaloo chaat or tikki chaat, their taste is at next level. But Egg Chaat takes foodgasm to another level. Eggs mixed with mouth-watering jaggery and tamarind chutney is a treat for every foodie. Sprinkle some chaat masala to make your savoury snack more lip-smacking. Egg Chaat is an easy to make snack or appetizer which is healthy as well.

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Egg Biryani – Can I say wow, awesome and all the other fantastic words for this recipe? Just imagine about this recipe and you will end up with your mouth watering. The beauty of the golden browned eggs in the flavoursome rice with crispy fried rice in this egg biryani. The aroma of strong spices is a complete one-pot dinner package for an egg lover. This biryani is always a green tick when it comes to aroma, sight, texture, nourishment, and budget. Egg Biryani is a must-try recipe for all egg lovers as it promises to take your love for eggs to another level altogether. The zesty marinade for egg biryani is made from freshly ground spices, grated ginger, minced garlic, chopped mint and cilantro. This fresh and pungent marinade lends an unmistakable character to the otherwise humble boiled eggs and makes this dish one of the most tasteful meals. Egg Biryani is a wholesome one pot meal that will satisfy both your hunger and your taste buds.

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Bengali dim kosha – Dim Kosha is a tasty and easy main course option. It is best served hot with steamed rice Roti or Paratha or with steamed rice. Inexpensive yet packs a punch of spicy flavours, Dim Kosha is a Bengali’s favorite when the need is to have a good meal without digging a hole in the pocket. It is made with onion & tomato in bulk quantity and braised with spices on medium heat along with potatoes for a spicy, tangy gravy that has a gravy of thick consistency.

Pic Credits – Pikturenama

Kerala nadan mutta roast – Nadan mutta roast is a dish from the coastal south Indian state of Kerala. When you want breakfast for dinner this egg recipe of spicy peppery curry made with Kerala special spices and coconut milk base is perfect. Nadan Mutta is coated in a thick sauce made with ripe tomatoes and sweet caramelized onions. Mostly served with Appam (Rice and Coconut pancake) or Noolappam or Puttu. Also tastes great with roti or any Indian bread. The sweetness of the almost caramelized onions and tomatoes balances the heat out and the coconut oil does some soothing of its own too.

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Saag anda curry – You can taste the flavours of the Punjabi saag with hard-boiled eggs in this simple hearty curry. Sarson ka saag is a world-famous curry base to relish with crisp Makki ki roti. One can enjoy this saag anda curry with rotis. Saag Anda Curry, rustic, spicy and hearty winter curry cooked using mustard greens (sarson ka saag) and spinach (palak). Just perfect winter dish made with greens and eggs to scoop up with your bread. For a Punjabi, nothing marks the winter food better than Sarson ka saag and Makki ki roti with a dollop of white homemade butter.

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Nargisi Kofta – Nargisi kofta is a dish from the Mughlai cuisine. This dish is popular in North India, especially Uttar Pradesh. It consists of ground meat mixture wrapped around a hardboiled egg to make a perfect kofta and cooked in rich spicy saucy gravy. The gravy is made using tomato puree, dry fruit paste and onions. The ground meat is flavoured with a blend of spices, so when the gravy and koftas come together, they create a medley of unforgettable flavours.

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Egg Daal – It is a very famous dhaba style egg preparation made from scrambled egg cooked in moong dal. A Punjab speciality and is available widely in the dhabas. It is very popular lentil dish in Northern India and served with rotis, naan or kulcha.

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