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New Membership for Company

New Membership for Company

    Representatives / Nominees of the company (Please add the details of the representative as per the company's no. of vote mentioned in the table below, at least 1 detail of the representative is mandatory)

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    The criteria for Annual Membership have been changed by a resolution adopted by the General Body at its Special General Body meetings held on November 18, 2022 as follows (amending Rule No. 8 of PFNDAI’s By-Laws):

    • Goods & Service Tax (GST) is applicable on Annual Subscription Amount.
    • Goods & Service Tax (GST) Identification Number of PFNDAI: 27AAATP0320L1ZQ

    Please select the turnover from below-

    Company’s Annual Turnover Annual Membership Rs. GST -
    18% Rs.
    Entrance Fee (Paid only once) Rs. Total New Membership Rs. No. of Votes
    Up to Rs. 5 Crores 7,500/- 1,350/- 2,000/- 10,850/- 1
    Rs. 5 Crores and Above 15,000/- 2,700/- 2,000/- 19,700/- 2
    Rs.25 Crores and Above 20,000/- 3,600/- 2,000/- 25,600/- 3
    Rs. 50 Crores & Above 30,000/- 5,400/- 2,000/- 37,400/- 4
    Rs 100 Crores & Above 40,000/- 7,200/- 2,000/- 49,200/- 5

    Please mention the name, email id, mobile number, designation and address of the people from your company who are interested in receiving our monthly bulletin

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