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Baked Multigrain Nachos with Refried Beans

The recipe ingredient ‘Herbalife Nutrition’s Personalized Protein Powder’ was sponsored by Herbalife Nutrition for the recipe competition held at Mount Carmel College

Baked Multigrain Nachos with Refried Beans by- MsSimranKhanamfrom Mount Carmel College, Bangalore.

Ingredients (For 2 Servings) Amount
Rice Flour 20g
Finger Millet Flour 20g
Ajwain 5g
Turmeric ½ tsp
Protein Supplement 10g
Kidney Beans 30g
Onion 30g
Bengal Gram Flour 15g
Whole Wheat Flour 15g
Sesame Seeds 5g
Beetroot Juice ½ tsp
Oil 5 tsp
Tomato 50g
Onion 30g
Capsicum 30g


Method of Preparation:

  1. Mix rice flour, bengal gram flour, finger millet flour, whole wheat flour , protein supplement and add ajwain& sesame seeds and salt to taste, then separate both the mix into equal halves, Add turmeric powder to one mix and beetroot juice to the another one.
  2. Add oil and knead the mix well into a dough separately with the  help of warm water and set them aside for 15-20 mins. Take the dough and roll it  with the help of a roller pin and then cut them into a triangle shape. Bake them in an over or it can also be deep fried
  3. For Beans – Boil the kidney beans and saute in ginger paste, add onion, tomato, cumin and coriander powder, salt and cook until mushy.
  4. For Salsa – Take onion, tomato & capsicum in a bowl add coriander leaves, tomato sauce , spices and salt.

Ms. Simran Khanam

2nd Prize Winner, Recipe Competition

Nutrition Awareness Activity

At Mount Carmel College.

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